Organizational Development Consulting

We provide results-driven consulting in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning, short term and long term
  • Vision, mission, goals and objectives development
  • Implementation planning
  • Purpose-driven budgeting
  • Development and implementation of internal controls
  • Organization and mobilization of paid and volunteer staff
  • Development and implementation of job descriptions and staff appraisal systems

Clear, 360-degree vision is a valuable asset to any ministry or organization. The old adage “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is a vivid illustration of the fact that sometimes we are too close to a situation to see all the possible solutions. Through our combined education, experience, expertise, and being an objective third party, MMS, LLC, consultants can play a valuable role in helping your ministry or organization see more of the forest.

Once identified, practical solutions can be sought to address the problems at hand. At MMS, LLC, we strive to provide user-friendly, practical solutions that empower your ministry or organization to move forward.

We work hard at taking the necessary time to listen carefully to your ministry or organization’s specific and unique needs and then we tailor a customized solution to meet those needs.


We don’t just talk about it, we help you do it!
Fees are based on size and scope of project. Packages are available.

Call today to schedule an appointment: Kansas City 816.382.3050 or Springfield 417.708.8237.