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“Bridging the gap between ministry and administration”


Today, more than ever, operating a ministry or a church is getting more and more complex. Leadership is vital and necessary but ministries today need effective, practical, day-to-day management.

Class Catalog

Ministerial Taxes

Learn the basics of how ministers need to do their taxes. Our experts will walk you through the complex world of the IRS and show how you can maximize your tax savings.

Counting Committees

Learn how to build safe and secure counting procedures. We will give you a step-by-step process for counting offerings that protects money given to the church and the volunteers who count that money. We’ll also discuss how to build a great counting team and recruit volunteers.

Financial Accountability

Raising The Standard. Financial fraud destroys trust and diminishes ministry impact. This course will guide you through the process of creating strong internal controls to prevent fraud.

Employee Classification

Learn about the difference between an employee {W-2} and a contract worker {1099}. We will also look at what qualifies an employee to be classified as exempt or non-exempt. There are clear IRS distinctions that need to be followed to avoid costly penalties.

Anti-Fraud 101

In this class you will learn practical, common sense, anti-fraud measures that any organization – regardless of size – can implement. We will give you the tools you need to protect your ministry and the people who serve in it.

Church and Non-Profit Staffing 101

This course will teach you how to: hire the right person, increase motivation and productivity of current staff, and release individuals who no longer belong on the team.

Church and Non-Profit Administration 101

This course is designed to train leaders in churches and non-profits to effectively manage their organizations. We cover payroll, contributions, accounts payable, reporting, and risk management.

Budgeting 101

Learn how to take control of your organizations finances and put them to use for your mission. We will teach you a step-by-step process for creating budgets that work to advance ministry, not hobby horses and pet projects.

Public Classes

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Custom Workshops

Classes are available in two, four, or six hour blocks. See our full list of classes under the Course Catalog tab, or contact us for specialized training.

Call Chris Miller for rates and reservations: Kansas City | 816.382.3050  or Springfield | 417.708.8237.

Fill out the registration and payment information below or call: Kansas City | 816.382.3050 or Springfield | 417.708.8237.


Payment Information

All classes are open to the public.

Make checks payable to MMS, LLC and send to: 5921 NW Barry Road, Suite 201, Kansas City, MO 64154.

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Church Treasurer / Church Administrator 101   $29.95

Church-Admin-discclick here for more info on Church Admin 101

Want to learn more about Counting Committees and the Offering Counting Process? How about understand some of the IRS rulings surrounding donations? This DVD and workbook will walk you through those areas and give specific examples, plus more!



Fireproof Your Ministry!   $29.95

discIMG_0069click here for more info on Fireproof Your Ministry

Significantly increase trust and credibility through accountability and protect your ministry from fraud without spending a fortune! We will give you all of the tools you need to establish safe, sound, and affordable internal controls to protect your ministry from fraud, and help make your ministry more effective through industry leading accountabilities.

3E  |  The Midwest Regional Church Administration Conference

Presented by Miller Management Systems, LLC

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3E is a two day event that will Educate church leaders and administrators on relevant topics in church administration. It will better Equip participants to lead their ministry with competency and integrity. Finally, the event will Encourage you in your calling as leaders and administrators.