• When we made the decision to outsource our financial management, our goals were to gain cost-effective professional expertise, dependable service and third party accountability. We contracted with Miller Management Systems and are rejoicing that we achieved all our goals and more! MMS is only an email or phone call away and the weekly paperwork transfer has resulted in our becoming more organized and efficient in our approach to financial processes. We are pleased to have MMS as our partner in ministry at National Heights Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri. –Sharan Chittenden, Administrative Secretary, National Heights Baptist Church

  • "Miller Management provides¬†Restore critical accounting and support services. This allows us to stay focused on our mission of helping people find their way back to God. Their team is always willing to go the extra mile to help us. We are grateful for them."–¬†Church Planter, Restore Community Church


Why Outsource?

Cost Savings

While most nonprofit organizations are very adept at serving their members, they can’t afford, or choose not, to spend the necessary resources to hire skilled professionals for every administrative area. Outsourcing is an inexpensive way to incrementally purchase expertise, and only pay for what you need when you need it.

Separation of Duties

Nonprofit organizations often struggle with the very necessary and important aspect of separation of duties to help reduce or eliminate the presence of fraud and/or misuse of funds. A third party firm, performing bank reconciliation, accounts payable and producing financial statements can dramatically reduce the possibilities of fraud and/or mishandling of funds.

Turnover Issues Eliminated

While turnover is a reality of doing business, an organization cannot afford to go any length of time without handling its financial records properly. A third-party firm eliminates risk and exposure to turnover and the corresponding inconsistencies in recordkeeping.

Government Regulations/Tax Updates

At a time when the IRS and other government agencies are looking more closely at nonprofit organizations, it is essential that your organization be consistently meeting all legal, accounting and taxation requirements.


Now more than ever, nonprofit service agencies are under attack for credibility issues. A third-party accounting firm can give added accountability and corresponding credibility that constituents and financial supporters are seeking.


Outside objective viewpoints can produce valuable insights and are vital for an organization to reach its potential. Whether it’s accounting advice or strategic planning, objective, experienced viewpoints can be a valuable asset.

Why Choose Miller Management?


We are the only Midwest administrative services/consulting firm that specializes in working with nonprofit organizations. This specialized focus lends itself to increased understanding and specific industry expertise.

Integrity / Work Ethic

We take pride in managing our business with integrity, and a strong customer-centered work ethic.

Personalized Service

We are small enough to give you personalized service you deserve and large enough to maintain the tools to do the job right. As your organization grows, our service grows with you!

Innovative Product Design

Our products and services are designed to help others serve more effectively by relieving them of unproductive, time consuming administrative support functions.


From our user-friendly input forms to our simple flat-rate billing, we lighten your staff’s administrative burdens in every area possible.



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